Pile Driving Scheduled To Begin For Wekiva River Bridges As Part Of Wekiva Parkway Construction

December 14, 2017

SORRENTO, FL Crews building six miles of the Wekiva Parkway (State Road (S.R.) 429) that includes the Wekiva River crossing are scheduled to begin driving bridge piles beginning Friday, December 15.  The pile driving will last for a number of months.


While steps will be taken to minimize the impact of construction to the surrounding community, nearby residents can expect some level of noise and other impacts throughout the course of this work. Bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances could delay or prolong work. Motorists are urged to use caution in the construction area for their safety and that of the work crews.


Wekiva Parkway Section 6 construction began October 17, 2017, on the 6 miles of largely elevated expressway along the S.R. 46 corridor from the S.R. 429 interchange east of Camp Challenge Road to just west of Longwood-Markham Road. The project includes a non-tolled, service road for local travel, three new, much higher bridges over the Wekiva River, and several wildlife bridges to allow animals to pass safely between the Seminole State Forest, Rock Springs Run State Reserve and Lower Wekiva River Preserve.


A multi-use trail with scenic overlooks at the wildlife bridges will be included along the service road on this section. Work will include connector roads between remaining sections of County Road (C.R.) 46A and S.R. 46 to maintain private property access, as well as drainage, lighting at bridges over cross streets, utilities and other roadway features. Maps and other project information can be found at Follow the project on Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates.

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